Wyoming Crime Online

The Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation offers this site as a means to view and analyze crime data in the state. It is open to the public, law enforcement agencies, and internal staff, with different levels of security for each type of user. Click on the link that applies to you.

Crime Data is continuously collected from all law enforcement agencies in the state, validated and made available for reporting. Reports on this site are updated nightly, so the most recent content is always available. Data generated from the reports for the On-Line Reports web site will not match data published in the Quarterly and Annual publications of “Crime in Wyoming.” Those publications are based on a "snapshot" of the database frozen in time and will not reflect the continual updating of the live database by contributing agencies. To access additional information and view publications from earlier years visit https://wyomingdci.wyo.gov/criminal-justice-information-services-cjis/uniform-crime-reportingnibrs. For any further question please contact dci.ucr@wyo.gov.